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Q. How can I find and apply for an internship post at African Union Commission (AUC)?

A.  AUC periodically posts internships in this website.You can learn how to apply, create your Profile and submit your application online.

Q. I have dual nationality status, which nationality will be considered for employment?

A. in the application form, specify preferred nationality.

Q. Who is eligible for internship at AUC?

A. Applicants from member States of Africa and the Diaspora and full-time students currently in their last year of their Bachelor’s, Master's or PhD programs or graduates of Bachelor’s degree, Master’s degree and PHD .

Q. How will I know that my application was successfully submitted?

A. Receipt of online applications will be confirmed via the email address you have provided. The email is not official confirmation of your application, only the internship appearing in your list is proof and confirmation. For further information on an application, you may:

  • Click 'My Applications' in your personal profile to verify that the Internship appears; this is your confirmation.
  • Verify that your email address is correct by navigating to the 'Contact Info' section of your profile.

Q. Will I hear about the status of my application?

A. Unfortunately, because of the high volume of online applications that AUC receives, it is not possible for our recruiters to personally contact every candidate who has applied for an internship. Therefore, recruiters will contact you only if your skills and qualifications are a good fit for the open posting in question and are accepted by the panel doing the profile assessment.

Q. If I am accepted, what kind of work will I be doing?

A. This will depend on the needs of the host Department/Division/Unit to which you are assigned, as well as your qualifications and interests.

Q. How long is the AUC Internship Programme?

A. For the internship to be worthwhile and effective, interns will be accepted for a minimum of 2 weeks and a maximum of 3 months. Exceptionally, an internship may be extended with agreement from the host Department/Division/Unit concerned but cannot be longer than 6 months in duration..

Q. Can I get financial support from AUC?

A. AUC does not provide any financial support or cover any costs for living expenses during the assignment for interns. All successful applicants are expected to make their own arrangements for travel, lodging and living expenses during the internship period.

Q. Do I need to be at the AUC Office full-time?

A. Internships at AUC headquarters are full time and interns are expected to work Monday to Friday, 08:00 am to 5:00pm for the duration of the internship..

Q. Is an intern entitled to sick leave?

A: An intern is not expected to work if he/she is unwell but it is important that the supervisor be informed of any absences. Any expense relating to illness is the responsibility of the intern. Especially long periods of absence, through illness or for other reasons, should be recorded in the written performance evaluation prepared by the supervisor at the end of the assignment.

Q. Is an intern entitled to annual leave?

A. No. The maximum duration of an internship is 3 months which should be uninterrupted. Time off may be exceptionally granted by the supervisor as long as the assignment is not adversely affected.

Q. Will travel expenses to and from the duty station by reimbursed by AUC?

A. No, travel expenses are the responsibility of the intern.

Q.Is the intern entitled to a per diem payment to cover expenses incurred during the internship or while working as a volunteer?

A. No, interns are not paid.

Q. Should I arrange an interview?

A. No, AUC will contact you if you have been selected after profile assessment. Then, you will be advised to send credential documents to AUC for confirmation.

Q. How will I know if an internship posting has been filled?

A: Click 'My Applications' in your personal profile to check for status of an Internship post.

Q. Am I able to follow up by telephone to find out the status of my application?

A: No. Because of the high volume of online applications, it is not possible for us to discuss your internship application status by telephone.

Q. Do I have to register to apply for an Interniship post?

A. Yes. The registration process allows you to easily store information about yourself, including your resume, so you can easily apply for internships at AUC in the future.

Q. I do not have an e-mail account. Can I still apply to AUC?

A. To register, it is necessary to have a valid e-mail account. There are many Web sites that offer free e-mail accounts upon registration like yahoo, google.

Q.Which Internet browsers can I use?

A. We recommend using Internet Explorer 6.0 (or higher) or Mozilla Firefox 3.6(or higher). Please Note that java script has to be enabled in the browser you are using.

Q. What should I do if I have technical problems completing my application?

A. Use this contact email information to let us know about your problem. Be specific by telling us what you couldn't complete and what operating system (PC or Mac) and browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox) you were using.

For further inquiries, please email us on Internship@africa-union.org

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